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    Sunday, September 20, 2009

    Scientific Proof. . . . . .

    I have to first start off by saying, just how much I love my boys! Each day for Handsome brings new gains and accomplishments, each day for Littleman brings another milestone being met! I sit back and I watch them play, giggle and laugh with eachother and I think just how blessed I truely am. Even though our life may be "different" from the other 'typical' families, it has given me a greater appreciation of love and acceptance for my boys.

    These past few months have been a whirl wind of emotions, changes, gains and losses and its been so hard to be as consistant about my blog posting as I normally was. So to my readers :) I apologies for leaving you in the dark lately. It was not done intentionally but rather because there arent enough hours in my day :).

    Handsome, has made LOTS and LOTS of progress :) here is a short list of some of the progress he has made just this month.....

    • More words to his vocabulary ( May I have, Can I have, DoYou want, Can He go ect)
    • Plays pretend with his toys daily
    • Can tell someone when he needs to go 'pee'
    • Better progress with remembering activities from the day before
    • Can tell me what my name is(Identify his mothers name)
    • Is no longer constipated on a daily basis :)
    • Sat still with out crying while his dad cut his hair!!!!
    • Received his MB12 injection from his dad while he was awake w/out problems!
    • And just this evening, he sat next to me and told me ever so non chalant " I like your nails Mommy" and went back to watching Scooby Doo!!
    WOW I was floored! He noticed that I got my nails done today and commented about it to me!!! THAT has never happened, where he notices a change and comments to anyone about it, let alone telling you if he likes it!

    All I can say is, since March of this year when we originally started Our new Journey of Hope, my son has made HUGE amounts of progress, and I can say with out a shadow of doubt that its all because of the biomedical treatments he is receiving. I can't speak highly enough about his DAN doctor, Dr.Schneider. She is the first doctor that listened and actually agreed with me, that my son was sick and needed help, and she was going to do whatever she could to help him feel better. Dr. Schneider and her staff are fabulous and I would recommend them to anyone in AZ.

    Being on this Journey of biomedical treatment is not always so easy. I knew that I would have to listen to harsh critisizm about my sons treatments but I never truely thought it would be as harsh as it has been sometimes. Its sad because people just don't think before they speak sometimes. Having a child with autism, can be an overwhelmingly emotional thing sometimes, and when you have friends or family who say unexpected, uneducated remarks to you, it hurts deeply.

    Sometimes, I really have to control myself to not get upset with the nay sayers of my sons progress and treatments. Its hard to hear from friends or family that what you think or what your doing, is not valid. Or worse yet they will say things like "How can I be so sure that it was the vaccines that did this?" Or better yet " Where's the scientific proof?"

    ... and it makes me sad, because the people who usually do that are the ones that have NO CLUE what its like to have been me for the last 5 years of my sons life. To be able to pinpoint back in time when I saw my son, drift away into autism is so painful. Even more painful when you realize that it was because of a series of vaccinations he had received.

    To be honest, I'm tired of accepting what our society, or rather I should say our Government... is doing for our kids, which is NOTHING!!!

    I won't go down quietly or with out a fight anymore...  I will continue to be voice my opinion on what happened to my child LOUDLY... I won't be quieted, I will fight for my childrens rights, especially for children with autism.... I will fight to my last breath for my children and I will continue to say .......

    HOW MUCH LONGER, will we have to wait!!!!!

    And to anyone out there who poses this question to me again " Where is the scientific proof?"

    This will be your answer ......


    Much Love,

    Matthias through autism 2006 till today

    With this video

    Press play first, then press pause, and let it load for a few moments, otherwise the video will stop to load it alot when your watching it.

    This song speaks so much to me,to know the trials I have gone through are not .. Unredeemed by Selah

    Matthias Road to Recovery - This is what Faith can do! .