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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009

    Little did I know.....

    Autism has been creeping up on me my whole life!!!
    I have read these stats so many times I can't count in the last 3 years, but today when I related them to my own life experiences it hit me in the stomach so hard I lost my breath!

    Please friends, pass on this information and do the same if you can... relate it to what was happening in your life during that year.

    1975 #of autism cases,1 in 5000 children.(1yr after I WAS BORN!)

    1985 #of autism cases,1 in 2500 children.(1yr b4 my niece Elysha was born)

    1995 #of autism cases,1 in 500 children.(2yrs after I graduated high school)

    2001 #of autism cases,1 in 250 children.(The worst attack on our Nation)

    2004 #of autism cases,1 in 166 children.(The year Handsome ws Diag.)

    2007 #of autism cases,1 in 150 children.(1yr before Littleman was born)

    2009 #of autism cases,1 in 110 children(Year Handsome started biomed Treatment!)

    Much Love,

    Monday, December 21, 2009

    Pictures at the park!

    Believe it or not, FALL is just starting here in Phoenix... I took the boys to a special park yesterday with their Daddy and took pictures! We had a fabulous time! Got lots of cute pictures of the boys here are some of my favorites!

    I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Only 4 days till Christmas!!!

    We had such a great time yesterday! I love living in AZ in the Winter such perfect temps and great photo ops too!!

    Much love to you and your families at Christmas time!

    Thursday, December 17, 2009

    Its the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!

    Wow I can't believe I haven't posted in so long! Life has been crazy busy with my boys :) I'm not sure where to start on Handsomes progress, but to simply say..... He has gained LEAPS AND BOUNDS this year!!!

    We have had our ups and downs on the roller coaster ride of autism (especially this month) BUT I am so excited that Handsome is going to be able to get more treatments very soon! He does so well after getting Chelation/ Glutathion treatments, so much that after it goes through his system you can see a noticable difference in him.

    I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful Christmas it has been so far, Handsome and Littleman have had LOTS of fun going to look at lights and going to the train park to see Santa (pictures to come shortly). Its amazing how different my Handsome is this year compared to last year. Here is a picture of my Handsome with his brother and cousins from Christmas Eve last year :

    Notice how my niece is having to hold him still for the picture, my poor baby looks so sick :( When my sister first posted this picture I cried... You can see how miserable he looks.....

    Now here is a picture from this month of my handsome decorating the christmas tree:

    This is the first time in his life that he has been able to decorate the tree !!!!! He wanted to help!!!!!!

    I can't tell you how happy that made this Momma!!!

    And here is another one of him posing with his Daddys Santa hat on :

    I cant begin to tell you how grateful I am to the Lord for all He is doing in both of my childrens lives! He has provided us with the funds to beable to take Handsome to a FABULOUS DAN! Dr.Schneider is such a wonderful person and doctor and I am forever grateful for how wonderful she is with my son, not to mention how wonderful her Staff is as well!

    Handsome has his ups and downs but he is so much better than he was last year!

    And Littleman well he is talking up a storm and already going through the terrible twos (he's not two until February). But I am so happy that my Littleman is developmentally right on schedule! That brings joyous tears to my eyes!

    I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas this year! Make as many memories with your family as you can :)!

    Much Love,

    Saturday, December 12, 2009

    Missing in Action

    Hi everyone! Sorry I have been missing for a few weeks, life has been crazy with finals this week, but now its over :)... I have lots of things to tell you about Handsome, but not enough time at this moment...

    Right now I wanted to share with you an article one of my blog Mommas wrote for the Age Of Autism... Oh The Places You'll Go.... Please read it... its talks about the things we never dreamed would happen and the sacrifices we have made...


    Much Love,

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    Its official!!! The site for the project is up :)

    Hi Friends :)

    The new blog for the Project I started (thanks to my friends idea :) ) is up :) its still in the beginning stages but please visit it and participate if you have a child with autism :) Pass on the news too!

    Much Love,


    Saturday, November 14, 2009

    Today is.....

    My birthday, and for the first time in 5 years...... my Handsome said Happy Birthday to me when I woke up!.... and he remembered all on his own from when his Grani told him the night before......

    Of course like always with the miracles with Handsome... I cried...... I cried because the Lord is continually giving me little miracles and big ones each day.... and today, well that little miracle ment so much to me!

    I'm so grateful to the Lord for what he is doing in my childrens lives, yes He is doing miracles even with my Littleman, you see he is 21 months old and has no signs of autism at all :) by this time in my Handsomes life he had many, many signs of it, and Littleman is developing right on schedule.... For this I am forever grateful to the Lord :)

    To all my beautiful friends and family, thank you so much for loving me and my children, and thank you for making me feel so special today!

    I love you all so much!
    With MUCHO LOVE :)

    Thursday, November 12, 2009

    This song ...

    Since the beginning of this journey of hope to recovery for my son, I have clung to what (at sometimes was little) faith I have that the Lord will take care of my son(s). This was a hard thing for me at times, because it took me so long to have that type of faith again, the kind that can move mountains again ( 5 years to be exact).

    When I first heard this song, I was moved to tears.... I feel like it is speaking of the last 5 years of my life, especially this past year.... I HAVE seen miracles happen before my eyes, and I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me those miracles in my son. I went from no hope in ever seeing my son talking, to watch my son climb and play with other children at the play ground just like a 'typical' little boy...

    Please watch the new video I created for everyone to see just how far my Handsome has come! It is located right above this post :)

    Really and trully this IS what faith CAN do!
    I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

    What Faith Can Do
    By Kutless

    From the album It Is Well

    Everybody falls sometimes
    Gotta find the strength to rise
    From the ashes and make a new beginning

    Anyone can feel the ache
    You think it’s more than you can take
    But you are stronger, stronger than you know

    Don’t you give up now
    The sun will soon be shining
    You gotta face the clouds
    To find the silver lining

    I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains
    Hope that doesn’t ever end
    Even when the sky is falling

    And I’ve seen miracles just happen
    Silent prayers get answered
    Broken hearts become brand new
    That’s what faith can do

    It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard
    Impossible is not a word
    It’s just a reason for someone not to try

    Everybody’s scared to death
    When they decide to take that step
    Out on the water
    It’ll be alright

    Life is so much more
    Than what your eyes are seeing
    You will find your way
    If you keep believing

    I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains
    Hope that doesn’t ever end
    Even when the sky is falling

    And I’ve seen miracles just happen
    Silent prayers get answered
    Broken hearts become brand new
    That’s what faith can do

    Overcome the odds
    You do have a chance

    (That’s what faith can do)

    When the world says you can’t
    It’ll tell you that you can!

    I’ve seen dreams that move the mountains
    Hope that doesn’t ever end
    Even when the sky is falling

    And I’ve seen miracles just happen
    Silent prayers get answered
    Broken hearts become brand new

    That’s what faith can do

    That's what faith can do!

    Even if you fall sometimes
    You will have the strength to rise
    Label: BEC Recordings

    Much Love!

    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    He would have been 7 today.......

    Summer of 2002 I found out I was pregnant with my first child very early on at about 3 months. I was met with many obsticles because I was a single woman and the 'shame' I felt because of it. But I never let my status affect my decision in keeping my child. I continued to work and anticipated what life would be like with a child. Then at 9 weeks I woke up to go to work and was bleeding excessively. I woke my mother and called my sisters and we went to the doctors office. I called my boyfriend on the way and he met us there. I was so scared and unsure of what was going on, and thought that I had lost my baby. I went back to the room by myself and they checked me, and when I looked at the ultrasound, I saw the heartbeat... the baby was still alive and my cervix was still completely closed :)... I was put on stricked bedrest and told to call if I had anymore bleeding.

    From then on I went to see my doctor twice a week where they checked me regularly to make sure the baby and I were okay. All during this time, I was still bleeding on and off every week. It was such a scary thing to go through, one time I bleed so badly and had past (sorry to be so blunt) a huge clot I thought for sure it was the baby. So much that my doctor told me to bring it in with me to the ER (it was nighttime) I went to the ER gave them the remains and they took me back to get an ultrasound.. once again, my beautiful baby was still there :) heartbeating and legs kicking :)... I went back to the room and they discharged me stating that I probably was loosing the baby and nothing could be done. I went home only to discover they threw my specimin away and never checked it to see what exacty it was. To this day my doctor agrees with me and thinks I was carrying twins.

    I was on bedrest for three months, with one time where I thought I was okay and they released me to go back to work. Only to be put on bedrest that same day of returning becasue I started to bleed again at work. On November 5th 2002 I went in to get an extensive ultrasound because my test results had come back saying they baby may have spina bifida. My boyfriend and I went in and were told there wasn't enough fluid around the baby. The tech had the doctor come in and he told us that the baby would not survive and that I should go and see my doctor. I went to the rest room and started to bleed heavily again. I told my doctor and he continued to tell us that I would be unlikely that I wouldn't start to bleed again tonight. If that did happen I would have to go to the hospital tonight. In fact that is what happened, as much as I prayed and pleaded and cried with God that whole day, it still happened anyway.

    I called my boyfriend and told him we were on our way up there, and my sister D took me. They got me situated and settled into a bed in OB Triage. Once I was there I called my doctor and told her I was there. She was so wonderful to me(its always good to have a friend as a doctor) she had just gotten home but she turned around and came back in to be with me. The got the ultrasound and checked on me and my baby and discovered that my uterus was slowly pulling away.

    Silence.............and then I heard the words I will never forget.... Your going to have to deliver your baby or you will die...................WHAT?!?! I can't have my baby, they won't make it, there to small at 19 weeks..... Can't we just wait a few more weeks? If we could wait a few more weeks they will have a better chance of surviving.....Why do I have to have them now? I don't even know if I'm having a boy or a girl yet?

    All of it was so heart wrenching and numbing, I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Why me? I made the right choice, I didn't try to get rid of my baby but now your taking them from me? WHY?

    I  waited until Glenn got there and asked him to help me make this decision I can't do it by myself. This is your baby too... He told me what I needed to hear after talki wbgith my doctor, and he was right. As much as I knew I didn't want to, I had to or I would die. Its such an awful decision to make, your life? Or your childs, or worse yet both of us?

    I okayed it and they started me on some pretty harsh meds, which started the WORST contractions I have ever felt. They never stopped, it was just one constant contraction. They gave me an epidural and I was okay as far as pain wise then. This went on for three days and during those three days, I cried and pleaded to have them do an ultrasound again. But was told over and over, he would not survive the process and they don't want to upset me anymore than I was already.  My wonderful friends and family were with me  and my boyfriend the whole time, supporting us and crying with me.

    I gave birth to a boy, my first born son Keane Michael on 11-9-2002 at 6:12pm, five days before my 26th birthday. He was the only child I was ever able to give birth to vaginally, he was so small, so precious and so alive! He was born alive, and lived a precious 6 1/2 hours.We were able to hold him and kiss him, and tell him how much he was loved. We baptised him and took pictures with him. Our family and friends came in one by one and held him and loved him.....At the time we didnt know about the wonderful places like Now I lay Me Down To Sleep. But the staff at the hospital was so great! They took digital pictures of him and took polariods of us holding him. I cherrish the pictures, and to this day I cry over them. I grieve for what would have been, but know, with out a doubt Keane is being loved even more than I could love him in Heaven with our Savior.

    Although it was 7years ago today that my preicous little boy was born, I still feel the pain and cry for my son everyday. I grieve for what could have been, I so badly wanted him here with me.... and on this day of his 7th birthday day.... I will cry for my son, but I will also be thankful for the hours we had with him here on earth, and I"m thankful that I know I will see him again someday.

    On his tombstone it reads:
    "Some people only dream of Angels, We held one in our arms" How true that statement is to me...

    I love you Keane! Happy Birthday Son!

    Much love,

    Thursday, November 5, 2009

    So excited to introduce to you.....

    Yesterday a wonderful friend of mine, had a GREAT idea! Why don't we create a 'wall' of sorts to show pictures of our kids... before autism, after autism, and if they are recovered or are recovering.

    Well friends I thought this was a FABULOUS idea!!! So I started on creating a Facebook Page to connect with other parents to be able to get the picutres. I titled this great idea " Autism B4 N After Project".
    If you are on Facebook, please become a fan of ours, I have a link on this blog for you to be able to find us.

    What I will be doing, is receiving pictures of as many children with autism as I can, and putting their pictures up with their names and information (before, after and recovering) on a blog site. I am currently in the process of making this blog and downloading pics so I can put them up. As you can imagine, this is still a spare of the moment effort, so I am still trying to figure everything out on what the page should look like and so on. So please any ideas from my friends are appreciated!

    If you would like to voluntarily participate in the project, please send me your pictures and information too :

    And please :) Pass on this blog post or facebook page to others you know may want to join in!
    I will keep you all posted on how things are going, I am so excited about this project and can't wait to see how many kiddos we will get to add to our 'wall'.

    Also, this will be an on going effort, so I will be adding pictures whenever I receive them :) I want to be able to update the page weekly with new pictures.

    This page will give us parents a way to show others, autism just didn't happen because of poor diagnosing, we watched it occur before our eyes and you can see it in the pictures, that blank stare, knowing the effort it took for us to try to get them to even look our way if we by chance snapped the photo in time. One moment our child was typical, doing what they should and the next they were not, or worse yet, right after birth it happened.

    So far I have had a huge response, and it is wonderful to get to know all of you! In the same sense its so heart wrenching to know that all these pictures I am receiving are families, just like mine, who are traveling the same road and my heart aches for all of us. I hope in some way this page will give us a place to remember and rejoice in the recovery process.

    Please feel free to let me know if you have any ideas on the page.

    Much Love,

    Monday, November 2, 2009

    What a difference !!

    As most of you know, my Handsome started his chelation last Monday and I have seen LOTS and LOTS of progress since then.

    A few examples are as follows :) :

    He constantly is playing pretend, one day he was playing Dr.Matthias and going around the house checking everyone this is how it went

    " Hi Mommy, I'm Dr. Matthias, I'm going to get you a check up. Let me listen to your breathing," He put the play stethescope up to me, pretended to listen and said " Very, good job Mommy, your all good" and on to the next person.....

    WOW!!! Really? Did that really just happen??? My son has NEVER played pretend with me like this ever!!!!! This is HUGE!

    Another example :

    We are watching Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and he is laughing hysterically in parts of the movie where you SHOULD laugh! and telling me " Ha ha ha, Mommy that was funny, Sid dropped it!"

    Another example :

    I asked him yesterday " Matthias, get your shoes me, you and your brother are gonna go bye bye" and he says " No Mommy, I don't wanna go, I wanna stay here"

    HUH?! ? He has never told me he doesn't want to go bye bye, he made a real choice by feeling?!?!

    On Halloween he didnt have a meltdown and cry non stop, he was excited to go trick or treating, and said trick or treat everytime we went up to a door, and said thank you.... he held his aunts hand and never ONCE tried to run away!!! He had a great time!!! 2 or 3 years ago all my son did at Halloween when we tried to take him door to door was cry hysterically, we barely went to two houses. Whenever anyone would approach him, he would get scared and try and run... this year he's a completely different child!

    These are just examples I can think of off the top of my head and they have all happened since we started chelation. Do I think this is a coincidence HECK NO!!! Now that he can get rid of the toxic harmful metals ( Arsenic, lead, cadmeium, mercury) from his body, his cells can provide the right amount of oxygen to his body, and the inflammation in his belly is going down!!!


    Can't thank the people who have helped us enough! How do you thank the people that are helping your child recover from autism? I haven't quit figured that out yet, but I will say thank you a billion times over to all of them!

    Much Love and Thanks :)


    Thursday, October 29, 2009

    You called me Dude :) ... And Parent teacher conference

    Tonight, I went in to meet with Handsomes teacher Miss B. This was my first parent teacher conference with her, although I speak with her fairly frequently :). I knew we would go over his IEP goals to see where he was at and I was looking forward it. Needless to say, ONCE again , I was blown away by the progress he has made.

    All the goals he struggled with BIG TIME just a few months ago, he has mastered!!! For example, he has never been able to walk down the stairs with out holding onto the railing let alone remember to look down.... sure enough, he has mastered it... I wasn't sure about it so tonight I tested him myself :) lol he DOES IT!!! HOLY COW!!!!  Not to mention all the other goals he has masterd, and made significant progress on. She also commented on how fun he is to have in her class, that he is so social and loves to talk to people.

    We also, talked about what things to work on, like his self help skills. I struggles with being able to dress himself completely, he can only do a portion of it so they will be working on that along with some other goals we spoke about. Then we talked about him going into the typical Kindergarten class for a few hours a day. His teacher and I spoke at length about this and she really feels that my Handsome, will eventually be mainstreamed into a typical class room setting!!!


    I told her, this is every parents dream!! To see their child, who has struggled his whole life with autism, to be told that he will eventually be mainstreamed into a TYPICAL CLASSROOM!!!!  Right now at this moment I am crying, just thinking about the fact that my little boy, who just three years ago was diagnosed with autism, will possibly be in a mainstream class!!! I'm so very proud of him!!!!

    I'll keep you all posted on when he starts going into the typical class for a few hours a day!

    Now, tonight as my Handsome and I are getting him ready for bed, he's talking my ear off about getting to go to the fair tomorrow! And how fun it will be to see all the animals. He then says I love you dude, so I in return said " I love you to DUDE" and he does the cutest thing and says through his laughing " Your funny Mommy, You called me DUDE"

    Wow what a joy it is for this Mommy to see just how amazing the biomedical treatments are working for him!!! Thank you God that I was introduced to it and Lend4health and that we were lead to a the best DAN doctor around! As usual, words can't even express to anyone, just how blessed I feel.... its so amazing to see where My Handsome has come from.

    My goal this month for myself is to put a new video together, to be able to show you just how much progress he's made!

    Much love!

    Monday, October 26, 2009

    A Quick Post with HUGE NEWS!!!

    First off, I have to say, Handsome started his first round of chelation, glutathione and vitamin C IV and he did SUPER!!! I was shocked at how well he did!!! He has another next week and I will keep you posted on progress :) Now on to the bigger news :)

    Today, Handsomes teacher told me she wants to put him in the ............

    TYPICAL kindergarten class for a few hours a day. She said he is so far along socially that he needs to be around more typical children to bloom his skills even further :)


    What I really did was cry when she told me, then continued to talk to her about his social skills and about all the other things he does need to work on in their class... but friends please..... listen to this Momma tell you something.................

    I can vividly remember crying to my friends about how afraid I was that my Handsome would never talk or be able to play with other children the way a "typical" child should, and now..... 3 years later from the Month of his diagnoses I have people telling me how much he talks. How they get such a kick out of him at school, because he knows everyones names and talks to them each day. How he interacts with them at recess, and HE approaches them to play!!! These things, I was told, would most likely not happen............

    BUT THEY ARE :) and I can't express to you how happy that makes me! My Handsome is coming through that window of autism :) and my heart is filled with JOY and gratitude!!!!

    I know the Lord is seeing us through this all, and I'm amazed at how good He is to us. I will never forget the kindness of friends and strangers who have helped my son be able to go on this Journey of Hope :) ..... I can't wait to tell you about more progress every day!

    Much Love,

    Sunday, October 25, 2009

    The GURU :)

    I have been sick this past week so I haven't been able to blog as I had planned on. Lots will be taking place this week as my Handsome starts his first round of Chelation, glutithione and Vitamin C on Monday. I am cautiously excited about it... now when I say cautiously, its not because I am scared of the procedure, its because I don't want to get my hopes up and be to excited about the possibilities of more progress being made. So instead I opt for realisim, which is much more like me...

    Because I was sick this week, I was not able to go to one of my dearest and best friends birthday parties, who I will refer to as 'R' last night :( I was completely bummed out about it. Seeing as I rarely ever get a chance to go out let alone, go to an 'Adult' outing :)lol..... I was looking forward to seeing others I had not seen in awhile and also to meeting a few, I have only ever met over the phone or through FB (Facebook). But my beautiful sister 'D' was able to attend, so I heard about the party and how great it was and all the people who came. She also got to meet the one person I had looked forward to meeting, as she is a Mommy just like me :) an Autism Momma..

    I was honored to get to talk with her over the phone after her child was first diagnosed. I got to do what I do best, pass on information that was given to me... I really love to be able to pass on what I know and what I have gone through, I suppose that is why I am going into Social Work so that I can work with families of children with autism :).

    Anyway, my sister got to talk with her and she said she was looking forward to meeting, the "Autism Goddess Guru" lol isn't that the coolest title :) lol... Now mind you I don't look at myself like that at all, but lately I have been given a few titles, one I will not mention as its not a very nice name, then I was called the "Autism nazi" hmmm i wasn't so sure about that one.... could be good, could be bad... and now " Autism Goddes Guru" I think I will keep that title :) I like it!

    Thanks 'T' Your to kind!

    Since the day my Handsome was diagnosed with autism, my life has been quickly and profoundly changed forever. Because of these changes our lives will never be the same again, which I am eternally grateful for. Not because I want my child to have autism, but because it has taught me so much along the way on this Journey of autism. I want to help others walk through what I have gone through and I hope I am alittle bit of help to others.

    Well I have alot to do today and not alot of time to do it in.

    Much Love from

    the 'Autism Goddess Guru' lol

    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

    Remembering my first born son Keane Michael

    Born 11/09/02 at 19 weeks gestation

    Weight 8.4 oz

    Delivered into Heaven - 11/10/02

    He lived for a precious 6 1/2 hours

    You will forever be in my heart precious!

    I love you  Forever!!!

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Blog Hop - Anything that makes you feel good :)

    I'm a little late on this weeks blog hop, but had to do it :) This picture definitely makes me feel good, who doesn't love a picture of their kids showing how much they love eachother :) Awwwww

    Replace this sentence with your content, do not remove any code past this sentence.
    MckLinky Blog Hop

    Your son has autism......

    Today marks the day of my Handsomes 3 year diagnoses of Autism.... (deep breath)

    Its a very bitter sweet day for me and I thought I would write a little about that day.

    I clearly remember all the work it took to even get him the diagnosis of what was wrong with him, all along hoping and praying it wasn't the big 'A'. I had heard of autism, but didn't know anyone with a child who had it. We ruled out hearing loss, and a few other developmental disorders that it possibly could be and then started with AZ Early Intervention, they came in evaluated him, talked to me and then told us we needed to go and see a Psychologist to get him evaluated. The big day was Friday, October 13, 2006.

    Handsomes Dad and I loaded him up in the car and drove to the Psychologists office. We waited in the waiting room for what seemed like hours. It was the same routine I had been through SO many times already,  'Fill out this paper work, stating all his history from birth to current, along with all of my history, his dads history, and all the information about my pregnancies and so on and so forth. After filling out the 15 page booklet :) we went back.
    She was a very nice lady and while we were in their she asked us lots of questions while she watched our son play. She pointed out things to me, that I never noticed before, like... " You see how he plays with those blocks, he doesn't play with them the way a child should, he picks them up looks at them and then throws them"

    After many questions and lots of pointing out of what our son is doing. She sat back and asked me, "How long have you thought something may be wrong?" and I told her " Since he was about 15 months old"

    And then she said it, " Unfortunatley, I see alot of this lately...." pause " Have you ever heard of autism?"

    My heart sank " Yes.." and then she said it " Your son has autism.... I would put him in the category of Severe to Moderate, seeing as he is so young he may be able to make some progress" " Unfortunatly , there is no cure, with time and therapy he might be able to make some progress and talk, but I can't say for sure what kind of progress he will make. I can tell you that the more intervention you get for him the better it may get."

    Throgh the fog of crying I heard what she was saying, but was so overcome with fear, grief and disappointment for my son. We sat and listened to her, and took all the paperwork she had for us and she walked us down the hall. I politely excused myself to the restroom, where I completely fell in to tears. All I could think of was " How can this be?" Why my son? Haven't we struggled enough already? Why does Handsome have to struggle?  What will we do?

    I tried desperatly to hold it together for my son, I didn't want to upset him.I was so glad his dad was there cause he was so good with Handsome.... AS I was about to walk through the door, I heard the Doctor tell his dad, this is going to be a rough road, some children progress a little further, but most don't.... you will walk through alot of feelings, and its okay that she is upset, let her work through it, I"m sorry this has happened, and she left.

    I dried my eyes and walked out and held it together, We really didnt say much on the ride home as we both were in shock of it all. Glenn tried his best to reassure me it would be okay and if I needed him he would stay, but I knew he needed to go to work.

    I dropped his dad off, drove down the street parked the car in a grocery store parking lot and called my sister. I remember when she answered the phone I could barely speak, she heard me crying and said " Are you okay? What did they say? Do you need me to come and get you?"

    I finally was able to form the words. " Handsome has autism" She told me to come to her store and she would meet me outside, she did and she comforted me and told me it would be okay. I'm so blessed to have such a caring, loving family, they were all there for me (again) when I needed them. After crying for along time, I calmed myself down and drove to my sisters house, where all my family was. They loved on me and Handsome and talked with me and told me what I needed to hear, we will work this out, and Handsome will progress.

    Now three years later, it feels like I have been on this Journey so much longer.  When your child has autism, it takes lots of time and dedication on your end to find out how you can recover your child. Thankfully, after making the decision to quit my fulltime job and dedicate everything to Handsome, I did start to see progress. The first thing to go was Casein, we did start to see progress! Thats when he started to talk, and it just progressed from there. I continued to read everything I could get my hands on about autism and biomedical intervention. The more I read the more it made sense for my son to start doing more of it.

    Deciding to get Handsome 'biomedical' intervention is the best and most important thing I have done to start to recover my son! I am so grateful to everyone who has ever helped my son, for if not for you, he would NOT be where he is today, 3 years later and STILL RECOVERING!

    Much Love,

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    Coming Through The Window...

    ****UPDATE***** Since I posted this my Handsome had his Monday appointment with his HAB worker J. He worked on playing with his playdough with him and making animals and then of course went to the playground.

    When they returned 1 hour later (thats typical) his HAB worker was floored. He told me " Your right, he is making so much progress" "Everytime I see him in the past month he is gaining more and more skills."

    Now, here is what he said that blew me away " He did fantastic at the park, he played with the boys and girls, and I didn't have  to help him play with them, I just sat there and supervised him to make sure he was okay!"

    Typically he would have to help him interact with the kids, and even then he would look kinda awkward while playing with them, as he really didn't know how to play appropriatly. But not today :)!!! And He commented on how much weight he has lost!!!

    Oh this Momma is brimming from ear to ear with Pride for my Handsome!!!! YIPPPEEEE~!!!!!
    Its amazing the progress handsome has made, you wouldn't even recognize him sometimes....he's such a different kid alot of the time now, he just comes up to me and says totally age appropriate things !

    Where in the heck did that come from? Is usually the response in my head :) He has never ever done things like this before!!!

    For instance I said to him when he was walking down the hall out of the living room" Are you going in the bathroom to go pee again?" and He says " No Mommy I'm closing the door"!! And sure enough, thats what he did and came right back into the living room.

    WHAT?!?! Wait a second.....He answered me with more than just NO Mommy! He told me no, and what he was actually going to do and then....DID IT !!!

    Then when his HAB worker Ashley came over, He ran up to her and told her " Look A, I lost my tooth"

    HUH!?!?! Who is this kid!!! Not only can you see a change in him verbally, emotionally but also physically...see the picture, look how he doesn't have the HUGE circles under his eyes anymore! they are very small now and almost gone :) His tummy isn't bloated and hurting 24/7 anymore!

    Its amazing to see because for the first time, in 5 years I am beginning to see really, who my Handsome is :) and it brings me to tears.

    He's coming through, slowly but surely, he is coming through the window we call Autism.... and I can't tell you how grateful I am to have been able to get him all the treatments he needed to get him this far! Thank you to all my friends, family and lenders at Lend4Health. With out you this would not be happening!

    So, stay tuned Friends! Its never a dull moment here, and I'm looking forward to many more!

    Much Love,

    Friday, October 2, 2009

    Picture Day... and did I mention its finally Fall in AZ :)

    Today is picture day at school for Handsome! We had quite the decisions to make this morning.....which shirt do you want to wear? Well actually I guess its Mommy that had quite the decision to make :)( the Pictures are from this morning during our decision process :)  )... Poor kid, I made him try on the two different shirts three times till finally he says to me " Mommy I want to wear the red one" Okay then! Red it is :)!!!

    What a handsome little boy! I love that face! I can't wait to see how they turn out! Should make some pretty cute pictures to put in some ornaments I have!!! Did I mention, that its finally FALL HERE!!!!

    Ya I know... its probably been Fall for you guys alot longer than me, but here in AZ, well it takes its time before it gets to be under 100 degrees.

    I love, love, love this time of year! We don't have to be stuck in the house anymore for fear of heat stroke! We get to play in the cool air and enjoy the park again!!! Handsome and Littleman LOVE to go to the park!

    Fall has always been my favorite time of year since I was a young child. I grew up playing outside in the leaves, spending holidays making home made goodies and anticipating the arrival of Christmas Eve.

    My mom and I have already started our ornament painting, we started that many weeks ago, but now :) we have others joining us :) My nieces and my soon to be godson in law :) We're having a great time decorating and can't wait to sell them!

    My niece E is going to sell them at her Cafe at church and the proceeds will go to purchase Handsomes supplements. She offered to do that for him, isn't that the sweetest thing? I love my family!

    Arizonas weather is the best in the Fall and Winter! I have plans to take the boys to the park tomorrow :) and relish in the fact that I won't have to sweat to death :)!!!!!

    What are your plans for the weekend?

    Much Love,

    Monday, September 28, 2009

    Its MckLinky Blog hop time :)

    This week's blog hop theme is: 3 things every parent should teach their kids.

    1. Do unto others as you would have done unto you. This is a big one for me, everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Treat others exactly the way you would want to be treated.
    2. Family is forever, cherrish every moment you have with your family. We are never guaranteed how long we have with them
    3. Always, Always, Always! Make sure you say " I love you" To the people you love. Its important that they know how much they mean to you. I never go to sleep with out saying I love you to my children :).
    I can't wait to read everyone elses ideas :)

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    MckLinky Blog Hop
    Special thanks to Shoplet.com-Purell Hand Sanitizers for sponsoring this blog hop.

    Where did this little boy come from?!?!?!

    Today we had some pretty exciting progress for Handsome!!! Today one of his favorite HAB workers came over to work with him, and on their way home from the playground, his HAB worker turned his head for just a moment and Handsome walked up to someone in our complex who was walking a dog and get this..... He ASKED THEM if he could pet their dog!!!!!! They of course said yes :)

    WHAT??? Wait a second this is the child who just runs up to animals on leashes and just pets them regardless of what the owner would say.... He actually asked permission before he touched the dog!!!!

    Then my little Handsome didn't stop at amazing his Momma with that! Next....

    At dinner while he was sitting getting ready to eat his food, he noticed we were eating rice. I have offered it to him over an over again for the past 3 years. I have at times gotten him to taste it but normally he will gag on it and spit it out.

    Well tonight, he turned to me and said " Mommy, can I have some rice? momma " Of course sweetie, heres a little to try", he at first said no, but took it and tasted it and said " MMM Thats good" and asked for more.

    In FACT he asked for 4 MORE SPOONFULS!!!! I of course encouraged him to eat as much as he liked :)

    These things are HUGE for my handsome... He has gone from only eating chicken nugeets and fries, to eating TONS of other foods in one year! And now we can add one more!!! To think of where my son has come from in over a 3 year period is amazing. From no speech at all, to constantly talking :) from no social interaction, to asking a little boy to be his friend!

    This little Momma is just brimming from ear to ear with Pride for my Handsome!!!

    Can't wait to see the continued progress we see weekly!

    Thank you everone for all your prayers and to our Lenders at Lend4Health! With out you this would NOT have been possible!

    Mucho Love!

    Matthias through autism 2006 till today

    With this video

    Press play first, then press pause, and let it load for a few moments, otherwise the video will stop to load it alot when your watching it.

    This song speaks so much to me,to know the trials I have gone through are not .. Unredeemed by Selah

    Matthias Road to Recovery - This is what Faith can do! .