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    Sunday, December 19, 2010

    BUSY BUSY BUSY............

    The past few weeks have been full of memories, picture taking and busy times before Christmas. Yesterday I was blessed to be able to go out with my Mom and Momma Whylene ( my boyfriends mother ). I had such a great time hanging out with two of the most precious women in my life. I am looking forward to a beautiful Christmas this year!

    Now, on to some updates on the boys and Handsomes progress..... The boys have been busy visiting with cousins, and aunts and uncles and Grani Whylene :). This week will be full of Christmas baking and ornament making :) I"m looking forward to it !!

    Littleman is keeping busy as usual! That boy never stops running from the time he gets up, even when he is sick! :) I found a soccer league for his age and I think this coming year Littleman will be running his little feet after a soccer ball for awhile :) Burn off some of his energy for at least a little bit! He is such a joy to have though :) I love being able to see how typical he is and I feel blessed by that, even on the days he is driving me bonkers :)!

    Now onto progress for Handsome, The past few weeks have been hard health wise for Handsome. He is still struggling with coughing a lot at night. Seems like this cough is hindering a lot of progress. I have emailed Pierre to see what he suggests again.

    BUT some great things have been happening as well... the anxiety has dwindled down and transitioning at school and home are getting better. Also, he is doing fantastic with  playing pretend, on his own!!!! This morning he was pretending his animals were making sand angels (our version of snow angels in AZ :) LOL ) He had his dinosaur talking to Woody telling him how fun it is to make sand angels and he should do it too!! WTH!!!! I could hardly believe what I was seeing!!  He also this morning was playing with batman and Robin and the Batcave and playing pretend with them!!! They were super hero rescuers saving the day!!! :) You can imagine I was beeming with pride!!!  He also is making GREAT progress with his reading! This morning he looked at Robins bike and said mom R is for Robin! Last night he was able to tell me, his headache hurt, poor guy it hurt so bad he was crying and feel asleep, today he is MUCH better.

    All in all, we see great progress and he is no longer taking 14 supplements a day!All he is taking is Vitamin D, Vitamin C and DHA.

    Well, its time to get some more cookie dough ready so it can chill overnight! I hope you all have blessed Christmas Week!

    Much Love!

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