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    Saturday, April 4, 2009

    Time for Play!

    Since it such a beautiful Arizona spring day, I took the boys to the play ground today! Not sure how much longer we will have this cool weather so I am takin advantage of it while I can.

    Matthias LOVES the park, and Gabriel loves to swing, even more now the older he is. I just decided to have a "relaxing" day with the boys this saturday and not do to much but go to the park.

    There is the coolest little park by my sisters house that NO ONE goes too and its kinda blocked off so I don't have to worry about Matthias being able to dart out and run away from me. So we spent a little over an hour there before they two of them decided to dirty their diapers/pull up :). But boy oh boy did they have fun! I just love to see their little happy faces playin outside and enjoying a cool sunny day.

    Later this weekend I will have a new post up about a wonderful new way I will have to be able to pay for Matthias bio medical treatment, stay posted so you can hear about it.

    Much Love

    Friday, April 3, 2009

    The NEW Journey begins :)

    TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!

    Today marks the day of the beginning of Bio Medical treatment! It's a New Journey in Matthias' life; a journey of recovery! We received Methyl B12 shots, TMG supplement and AlphKeto Gluteric Acid( supplement for his high ammonia levels) in the mail today (thanks to a wonderful couple who shall remain nameless :)) we were able to start his first dose of treatments today.

    I truly believe that with the Lords help, and lots of bio-medical treatment and continuing his SPT,OT, PT, and Music Therapy Matthias is going to make even greater gains in his recovery this coming year.

    Matthias received his first Methyl-B12 shot today, my beautiful sister Dawn came over and showed me how to give him his shot. Lucky for me I get to use a Insulin needle :) so after a few trials on an Orange :) and MUCH encouragement from my sister and my momma we went in for the plunge (tee he he). I spoke with Matthias and told him I was giving him medicine just like I do for his eczema on his bottom and he laid down on his belly on the floor, I pulled his pull up down a little and in and out it was done... just like that :). Right away I quickly rewarded him with a Kung Fu Panda sticker for the window and praised him tremendously and he did GREAT!!!! He was so proud of himself and went back into the living room and said to me " Mommy I get medicine again and pulled his pull up down a little :) LOL to cute!!!

    I am so surprised that it went so smoothly, yet.... when I think of it more, I'm not really that surprised..that's just how God works :). Here I was stressing about how and when to give it to him, and without even having to wait for him to go to sleep we got it done quickly and effortless!

    So, starting today I am going to be keeping track of how his behaviors, speech and communication and attention span are affected. Please continue to pray that these will make an impact on his life.....

    I'm looking forward to posting more great things about Matthias' recovery in the next year!

    Much Love


    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    World Autism Awareness day

    As many of you know today is World autism awareness day, just like any other day for us parents in the autism world :) ... This is how our day started off............

    1:45 am Matthias is up crying, go in a check on him, his pull up is wet and pooped ( he's on Miralax for his EnchoPeresis) Clean him up change him, kiss goodnight again, go back to bed for I'm hoping more sleep....2:15am Matthias is crying again, I go into his room after waiting a few minutes to check on him, this time he was up playing and horsing around on his bed and hurt his head, I explain to him its not time to be up we need to go back to bed and lay him down, start to leave the room and immediatly he starts to cry. I try to comfort him but he won't stop crying, finally at 2:40am I give up out of pure exhaustion and take him to my room with me HOPING he will fall back to sleep so I can sleep...........3am he still is up, but now playing with my hair. Tell him to stop to go to sleep and I think for once after about 20minutes he's asleep...........HAHAHA ya, he's up just laying there staring into space. Finally after I rub his back for awhile, he goes back to sleep at 4:45am............ wow that means I only have till 6:30 to wake him up fo school...... so I sleep for awhile then try and wake him up for school. As you can imagine this task is NOT so easy, I finally get him up because littleman has proceeded to wake and has helped mommy wake him up. Get downstairs eat breakfast, get dressed, and put back pack on all in 30 minutes. When the bus arrives at 7:20 sm he cries as screams cause he doesn't want to go yet, but I get him on and he settles down and sits in his seat and drives away to school. WHEW!!!! Is it nap time yet????LOL all in a day of the autism world, most days are better but today well it will be ONE of those days :).

    Much Love


    Wednesday, April 1, 2009

    Time to reflect

    I have been following a fellow blogger that some of you may know already by the name of MckMama (MyCharmingkids). I just got done checking her latest blog and I found myself in tears, one because she is such a brave and strong momma, and two because of how much she trusts the Lord. I was completely moved by her strong spirit and courage she has for her little boy Stellan and at that moment I thanked the Lord for my precious gifts, Matthias and Gabriel, because I was reminded, that even though our struggles may be hard with special needs kiddos we need to remember to be ever so grateful to our Lord that we have them here with us.

    Will you continue to pray for her precious little boy Stellan and his recovery, I know I have been every time I think of them. Please make sure you check out her blog under Mycharmingkids, I know you will be moved just as much as I was.... oh and be careful if you watch the video, if your anything like me you will be brushaway the tears.

    Much Love!

    Tuesday, March 31, 2009

    Autism Awareness month

    Tomorrow starts the month of Autism Awareness, and i wanted to post a quick note to remind everyone, if you know a child/teen/adult or a family that is affected by autism, please show them some love this month :) Some days are harder than others on this rollercoaster we call autism, your kindness may just be what the person needs at that moment :).

    Much Love,

    Sunday, March 29, 2009


    For those of you who do not know what a DAN doctor is, it stands for Defeat Autism Now, and in a short version, it means they are trained in bio - medical treatments for children with autism and also typical treatments too. Now when I say bio medical, that term in the autism community means, any supplements (vitamins, acidophilus ect) HBOT, dealing with yeast overgrowth in their systems and LOTS more (check out the sites I mentioned before). Anyway, thanks to my wonderful friends who shall remain nameless, I was finally able to take him to see Dr.Bradstreet. You may be asking why would it take so long, well these doctors cost $450 for an 1.5 hour session AND they are not covered under Arizona Long Term Care insurace. But thankfully we are finally on the road to try and recover my handsome boy from autism. One of the most disappointeing things you come across on this journey called autism is the financial burden it takes to try all the things out there to see if they work for your child, and when you are a single momma who had to quite her full time good paying job to take care of her son, its almost impossible to cover the costs for our DAN doctor. With lab test costing anywhere from $60 - $470 and supplements totalling for one month up to almost $350 you can see how this can be overwhelming. So right now, I am on a mission to figure out what to do. Keep praying for us !

    Matthias through autism 2006 till today

    With this video

    Press play first, then press pause, and let it load for a few moments, otherwise the video will stop to load it alot when your watching it.

    This song speaks so much to me,to know the trials I have gone through are not .. Unredeemed by Selah

    Matthias Road to Recovery - This is what Faith can do! .