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    Friday, May 8, 2009

    Ordinary Day

    That's what my life was like today, just a typical ordinary day in the life of Lisa and her boys :) My day started rather early, try 4:30am:(... Oh well but at least Matthias is a good boy and lays in his bed and just sings and talks to himself.

    Not a huge amount to talk about in regards to today, we're just getting ready for Mothers Day. Which will consist of me staying at home with my boys and my parents, which sounds wonderful to me.

    One HUGE blessing that happened today? I went to the mailbox and what did I see a HUGE package from Tim at Nordic Naturals. Inside? Eight bottles of my sons DHA chewable tablets :) I can't even tell you how wonderful that is. This will be one less thing that I have to pay for, in the LONG list of Matthias supplements. So THANK YOU Tim!!! Your wonderful Guy!

    By the way, if you child needs to take cod live oil DHA, I HIGHLY suggest these capsules. A friend of mine from T.A.C.A told me about them and I can't speak highly enough about them. Its amazing how easy it is to get my son to take them, they smell and taste like strawberry! AMAZING STUFF!

    Well, Its time to get the boys ready for bedtime!

    Much Love,

    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    So much for yesterday :(

    Wow talk about getting the wind knocked out of you.....................There never seems to be a dull day in Matthias' life and even after 5 years I am still trying to get use to this.....

    So today my wonderful niece took my son to his Physical therapy today(this is his private therapist not school therapist), and while he was there he pushed two different children and the therapist. ( oh ya did I mention, this is a new therapist who has only seen him once??) Anyway, she came out 30 minutes early and proceeded to tell my niece that they would be discharging him from Physical therapy as he has meet all his LIFE goals ( meaning goals he would need to be able to function in life) and that they can not work with him on a one on one basis as they spend most of their time trying to get him to focus and not push other children or the therapist(did I also mention that they have him in a room full of kids who are being kids and making lots of noise, something that doesn't sit well with Matthias?). They feel that he would benefit more from a social physical type of activity, like swim lessons or gymnastics, not one on one therapy.

    So how to I feel about this, well......... first of all I just received his reevalution from his school therapist and they pointed out SOOO many things my son still needs to learn how to do for his age and younger, but yet they feel he doesn't need it anylonger??? Hmmm or is it just that they feel my son is to hard to handle?? Can you tell I have gone through this before? I am not blind to the fact that Matthias can be VERY challenging and much harder than a typical kid. But he can't be the only child that is challenging. Now on to the social physical therapy, hmm How do you think that will work for my son? See he just got done pushing two children and the therapist, so lets stick him in a room of laughing, screaming, yelling children and ask him to NOT push them and focus on the activity at hand :) GREAT Idea :) As much as I wish he could do this type of activity, right now he can't. He needs to learn basic things like building his trunk muscles, and being able to kick a rolling ball several times in a row, he needs to learn how to play catch and beable to throw and catch at random, he needs to learn spacial awareness, and looking down when he is stepping over something, HECK he needs to learn HOW to step over something..... ( I could go on) focusing on social groups is not what is best right now.

    Right now, I'm just very discouraged. This is the second time this has happened to Matthias, and if his school evaluation points out all the things he still needs to work, why are they claiming something different? Here is what Matthias scored on in his physical therapy evaluation just last week!

    • Stationary Skills - Age equivalency =41 Months ( 3 1/2 yrs old)
    • Locomotion Skills- Age Equivalency = 25 months( barely 1yrs old)
    • Object Manipulation-Age Equivalency=30 months (1 1/2 yrs old)

    All I want is for my son to beable to learn and grow like others and he can't when he doesn't have 1 on 1 Physical therapy to assist him in learning physical strengths.

    Oh well, just another thing to pray about. I will be contacting his Support Coordinator tomorrow to discuss this with her as I am not going to settle for this.

    Will you pray that something changes and we are able to keep his physical therapy and find a new one that will be willing to work with him no matter how hard it may be at times.

    Here's to a better day tomorrow!

    Much Love,

    Wednesday, May 6, 2009

    Kindergarten Already!!!!

    My goodness how time does fly fast!! Wasn't it just his first birthday last year? What happened, my little handsome is such a big boy now!!

    I remember the first day I dropped him off at preschool... I cried that day, and now my Handsome is going to be entering Kindergarten!

    So on to my new great news!!!

    Today was IEP/Transition meeting with Matthias Teachers, therapist, school Psychologists. So in the meeting(for 3 hours) we spoke about Matthias individucal education plan (IEP) for the next year in Kindergarten and his current IEP for preschool(by the way, he is in a special prek class for children who have autism, speech disorders any special needs).

    This years IEP (basically they are goals that are set for him to accomplish by a certain time frame) he has made alot of gains on :) which is good. To make a VERY long story short, Matthias is testing at the age of about a 3 year old, it depends on what you are asking of him. Some things he excels better at. But all in all he made lots of progress with his goals for this semester :) that makes me a very proud Momma!! Yeah Matthias!!!!

    Now in regards to next years goals, I am very optimistic that he will be able to accomplish alot of them, and thats what I'm praying for. I met with his new speech therapist for the new school next year and she was great and has LOTS of great ideas for Matthias so that is very encouraging!

    They all went over their test results with me for the Kindergarten transition and they all came out with the same catagory I (sometimes) put him in ( I say sometimes cause I try not to label him anymore than he already is). When they scored him in all areas he scored at - Moderate to Severe Autism, but being much closer to Moderate. I completely agree with them. Although it makes me sad that I even have to label my son, I do live in reality and know that because of this label he can get the services and help he needs.

    On to the GREAT news!!!! The teachers and therapists and I all agreed that Matthias belongs in the Autism only class at Pueblo. The program is great and they have a structured setting and even have a SENSORY ROOM!!!!! This is a huge blessing for Matthias as he struggles LOTS with sensory issues. I was so impressed when they told me all about the program more and can't wait to see how much progress he will make next year. PLUS its an all day Kindergarten class!! I know many think that its just to much for little 5 year olds, but I must explain something to you about Matthias. The more down time he has and is not productively doing something, the more time he has to stim and zone off into autism land! So, I am hoping being in school for a 6 hour stay will be really good for him.

    The only thing that happened today that I did NOT agree with, was the teachers suggestion of yet again, that he may have ADD and maybe if we tried meds with him he woudl be able to sit still. First of all NO he doesn't he has SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER!!!! Look it up!!! They have the same similarities. SECOND OF ALL I will NOT, I repeat WILL NOT put my son on ANY DRUG until it is my last straw. Meaning I have exhausted all my other options and tried everything and NOTHING else is working THEN and ONLY then will I try drugs. I do not wish to have my son in a drug induced coma. After I explained that to her she agreed and we moved on to the next subject :)

    But, all in all, it was a GREAT meeting and I am VERY VERY Optimistic for Matthias first year of Kindergarten starting this fall!

    Thank you everyone for praying for me, as everything I had asked for them to include in his current and following IEP was put in and will be followed going forward.

    Here's to seeing Matthias succeed!

    Much Love,

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Just in time......

    Just a brief update today and then a cool little question and answer one of my friends did :)

    Matthias had a great day at school today! He had to stay a little longer to do some testing for my meeting tomorrow and his teacher said he had a GREAT day today!! She also mentioned he has been doing alot better the last few days at school :) HMMM maybe the methyl b12 is helping out at school too :) YEAH for Handsome!!

    In the car on the way home from school he was talking up a storm to me, "Oh mommy, I played with Charlie today!" (Charlie is their therapy dog at school) " I had fun with Mrs. Bierget today, we played and ate snack"

    Oh how I just love to hear him talk to me :) and to think 2 years ago, I thought this day would NEVER EVER come! I have so much pride for my son and the HUGE accomplishments he has made! Just in time for Mother day! Matthias' accomplishments are the BEST gift I could ever receive from him :).

    Much Love

    20 Of My Favorite Things

    1. Color(s)-Purple (specifically the darker purples)Red and Orange

    2. Dessert- Cheesecake

    3. Smell- Cookies baking

    4. Flower-purple rose

    5. Animal- Kitty

    6. Month- December

    7. Beverage- Iced Cafe Americano, cream, carmal sauce and sweetner

    8. Pair of shoes- I'm a flip flop gal in the summer time :)

    9. Snack- uh? snack, I barely remember to eat breakfast or lunch, let alone a snack :)

    10. Song- Thats a hard one I have several I could chose from Check out my songs on this blog :)

    11. Book- Right now Mother Warriors and Children with Starving Brains EXCELLENT BOOKS!!

    12. Fruit- Bananna

    13. Hairstyle-Curly

    14. Piece of clothing_ not sure?? Is a pony tail holder a piece of clothing :)

    15. Store to clothes shop- Target or Avenue

    16. Season- Definitely autumn!!!!

    17. Hobby- my new hobby is blogging and this past year photography!! I have always loved so sing but don't get much anymore :(

    18. Thing to collect- trying to collect sleep :) LOL is that possible?

    19. Movie- Madea Goes to Jail and my all time favorite chick flick, Sleepless in Seattle

    20. Restaurant- Udupi Cafe LOVE Indian food YUMMY

    Sunday, May 3, 2009

    Water Babies :)

    We had a great time in the pool yesterday :) our little pool on the patio! Check out the cute pics of the boys! I had fun with my Photo Shop Elements and enhanced the colors and other fun stuff!

    Oh and by the way, Matthias did a great job with his brother in the pool. He thought it was so cool that his brother was in the pool with him.

    A couple things to pray for this week:

    • Matthias has his doctors appointment with the Neurologist, pray that it all goes well.

    • I have a transition meeting at school this week, pray that I agree with the teachers on where Matthias should be placed

    • Will be working on his IEP with the teachers for Kindergarten

    Much Love,

    Matthias through autism 2006 till today

    With this video

    Press play first, then press pause, and let it load for a few moments, otherwise the video will stop to load it alot when your watching it.

    This song speaks so much to me,to know the trials I have gone through are not .. Unredeemed by Selah

    Matthias Road to Recovery - This is what Faith can do! .