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    Friday, April 10, 2009

    I feel like..........

    I've been hit by a semi-truck...........squeeling breaks and then WAMMM!!!

    I just found out from one of my email groups in town that my sons DAN docter Dr.Bradstreet will no longer be practicing here in the valley. He is moving his second office to California, sure its not that long of a drive but that costs MONEY.... money... I don't seem to have a whole hec of alot these days.... Now I have to figure out what to do... we just started seeing him and his partner last month and we were doing follow up visits with Dr.Baral who is a naturopath and he consulted with Dr.Bradstreet on all his patients before a plan was made, now it will just be him. I'm not so sure I like that whole idea.... So now I am making phone calls to see if I can find out what is going on and seeing if possibly I can transfer my sons case to another DAN doctor which of course means we have to start all over and pay the HUGE bill for the first visit again :(..... UH my heart is so torn I don't know what to say besides HELP ME LORD! Right now am going to sit back take a deep breath listen to some worship music and pray alot... Will you please pray we can get this all worked out.


    Thursday, April 9, 2009

    A Different Day

    I want to post on something first before I tell you about Matthias today.

    I have been following a fellow blogger My Charming Kids, and she had posted today to pray for another young lady today. I check out her blog and was immediatly brough back in time personally. This precious woman is struggling just as I did(wow over 7 year ago now). She is a single momma and had been told her beautiful little daughter she is carrying inside her will not make it. I can completely understand how she is feeling right now and my heart goes out to her. I lost my first son Keane at 19 weeks and they told me he would not be born alive, that the drugs they had to give me to have him were to strong and they would surely kill him. But God saw differetly and he was born alive and lived for 6 hours. Even as tiny as he was he was so precious and perfect. To this day, I think of him everyday and still cry at the thought of the time I have lost here on earth, yet I know I will see him one day.

    Please, pray for 'B' today and follow her blog. http://www.littleoneapril.blogspot.com/.

    Now onto Matthias' progress... Last night before dinner we did our usual and got ready to give him his shot. Everything was going fine and he cooperated and I went in for the poke and IMMEDIATLY I could tell the needle was dull and it hurt when it went in. RIGHT AWAY he reacted started crying and pulled away and I was not able to give him the whole b12 shot :(.... I felt so badly for him cause I knew it hurt and I felt badly because this is the ONE thing I want to do to see if it really will help him. So be praying that tomorrow goes better. BEsides that its been about the same progress as the days before, a few more words and saying sentences he has never said before. One instance today, My mom asked him hey where did you find that toy we have been looking for it everywhere, normally we get NO response, but today Matthias says " I found it in the couch grani" WOW that has NEVER happened :).....

    Keep praying for recovery! Now I'm off to take care of a little sick 1 year old, poor Gabriel.
    Much Love

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    AUTISM ration 1- 150

    I have to warn you, I am going to rant and rave a bit and step up on my soap box for a bit. So please forgive me for being so blunt.

    Did you know that the ratio for autism 1-150 was from 7 years ago! Why have they not put a new number out in 7 years!!! I just watched the Larry King Live show that I missed with Jenny McCarthy and it infuriates me that these doctors would talk about how its just genetic. REALLY.............how can it be only genetic, there has never, been a genetic OUTBREAK!!!!!! Something is causing this in our children and NO ONE WANTS TO TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT EXACTLY IS DOING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up people, the ratio is getting higher despite what OUR numbers say ( 1-150) The UKs rate of autism is 1-60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could ours not even be closely comparable to theirs???????

    See this is what frustrates me as a momma of a child with autism, the POLITICS OF IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! How dare they play political games when my sons and many other childrens LIVES are at stake!!!! Our children are NOT a game of russian roullet, please save us your sarcasam and genetics ONLY responses and DO YOUR DAMN JOB AND, and when they finally do decide to do their job, they find out exactly what we have!!!!

    Okay I'll step down now and talk a little about Matthias progress today :) WHEW :)

    Today has been good so far :) He had his kindergarten evaluation today and his teacher said he did great! She was suprised because he sat still for so long and only had to take ONE break :) Normally Matthias is easily distracted and never sits still for very long at all.

    Last night he woke up at 12:30 and didn't go back to sleep until 5am :( I was sad cause it seems to me as if the nights we give him his Methyl b12 shots he sleeps all night. So tonight we will see, tonight is his next dose and I will post if he sleeps or not :)

    Much Love

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    UPDATE on new progress to

    So... I wanted to blog the newest progress we have seen today so I don't forget. I'm just going to list the things he has done and how he normally would act.

    -He slept all night long again!
    -When I call him he answers and says yes mommy, normally its just an answer of "yes"
    -After getting dressed for school while waiting for the bus, he requested to read a book, not just any book an actual long book, with more than 1 sentence on the page and he sat still and listened to the whole book!
    - Was quiet and sat still while he watched a movie today, normally would be up and down the whole time he never usually sits still for anything but sleep or bathtime!
    -During Dinner he sat still and only got up from his chair when he was done eating, normally he would be up and down from his chair all during the meal.
    -During bath time, he let me wash his ears without screaming!!! Normally I can only get his ears clean with LOTS of crying and screaming.

    This is just from today! Pretty impressive we'll see what the rest of the week brings :) ... and as I am typing this he has gotten out of the tub by himself with the tub of toothpaste in his mouth......UH OH!!! ........... Thankfully poison control says all i have to do is give him some calcium to drink and watch him for vomiting. boy oh boy gotta love it :) LOL


    Day Number 2

    Yesterday was the 2nd day Matthias received his Methyl B12 shot, and once again he did GREAT!!! He didn't even flinch when I put the needle in, I am so proud of him!

    The night before he had started itching everywhere and after much thought about it, I realized his eczema is flairing up again :( poor baby. He was up the night before all night itching, I tried everything and finally last night after bath time, I remembered I had a natural cream from Sun Flower marked called Calendula (probably spelled wrong) I had tried it in the past and it didn't work, but I thought I would give it a try again. So after bath time I gave him some clear benadryl and slathered him wit this cream. He slept all night except for having to change his pullup once, and then this morning while getting him dressed I noticed, his eczema was 10 times better!!! YEAH for Matthias!!!

    So another day/night of achievement for Matthias, he slept well and we seem to have found what works for his eczema!! Believe me I have tried every lotion out their for eczema and found nothing till now :)

    Well gotta get going
    Much Love

    Monday, April 6, 2009

    Hi All!

    I told you a few days ago, I had some exciting news to post. Well here it is :) As you know Matthias just started seeing a DAN doctor and we have officially started his new Journey on recovery, well in order to continue this wonderful journey it costs alot of money and I was praying and wondering what I would do to get those funds. Suprise suprise, I stumbled upon, (more like it was given to me on a platter) some wonderful information.

    I found out about a great foundation called Lend4Health, here this community posts Matthias' story on their website and gives complete strangers, family, friends, co-workers, neighbors the opportunity to help provide a loan for bio medical treatment for children who have autism.

    Lend4Health facilitates community-funded, interest-free micro-loans as a creative funding option for individuals and groups seeking optimal health. Once the loan is completely funded they will have me sign papers and then mail out the loan so we can pay for his treatment. Then I will repay this loan in the next 18 months, once it's paid off you receive your funds back, and in the mean time, Matthias will have already been treated and had numerous lab work done.

    If you have a chance please check out their site at http://lend4health.blogspot.com/. If you would like you can make a donation (loan) to this site for Matthias of any amount, or if you would like to gift the amount please send the gifts directly to our family as Tori
    (She is the wonderful lady who runs the foundation) is not able to keep track of gifted amounts.

    On this site you can remain completely anonymous if you would like, just let Tori know you want to remain anonymous and she will do so for you.

    If you’re unable to help financially would you consider praying for my son, I truly believe in the power of prayer and every prayer is heard!

    If you are able to help financially, Thank you for what you are doing for Matthias!
    This means more than the world to him!!

    Praying for total recovery for Matthias!

    Sunday, April 5, 2009

    Am I Imagining this?

    Maybe I am.......... See ever since Matthias started his new regimine of supplements I have noticed him initiate conversation more, but the other part of me says, would I really see improvment this quickly?? But yet I know the changes I am seeing are true because he has never just done something like this.... Mommy says " Hey this is cool Matthias" and I wait for a replythat never happens, and MUCH to my suprise Matthias says " Whats cool Mommy, can I see?". As you can imagine I was floored by an actual response! That has never happened before..... So I thought I would type up a quick post to let you all know that, little by little I am seeing change :) Already!

    Much Love

    Matthias through autism 2006 till today

    With this video

    Press play first, then press pause, and let it load for a few moments, otherwise the video will stop to load it alot when your watching it.

    This song speaks so much to me,to know the trials I have gone through are not .. Unredeemed by Selah

    Matthias Road to Recovery - This is what Faith can do! .