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    Friday, June 12, 2009

    Bite your tongue

    Literally...... that is what happened yesterday with my Littleman........ (BTW this picture is not from yesterday, just a random pick of my Littleman)

    I never realized just how badly a tongue could bleed until yesterday. I mean I have had my share of bitting my tongue or cheek badly, but never like this. The poor little guy bit it so badly, that the little corner that he bit, he almost bit completly off!! We had no idea how badly he had bit his tongue because he wouldn't let us near his mouth......I thought at first it would just eventually stop bleeding but, after an hour of bleeding and trying popsicles, ice ect..... (he wouldn't even put them in his mouth,) I decided to take him to the doctor. I waited for an hour and they saw us and she told me basically the best thing would be for him to heal on his own.

    The problem he is having is that he keeps playing with it, and anytime he touches it or cries, the clot that has formed breaks away and the bleeding starts all over again :(... My poor Littleman, he is miserable .......

    Matthias doesn't like it very much when he see's blood or when his brother gets extremly upset, so yesterday my mom spent a good chunk of her time trying to calm him down. But today he is doing good :)

    I'm on my way home in a little bit here to take them in their pool, hopefully Gabriel will be up for it!

    Have a great weekend !!

    Much Love,

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