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    Monday, October 5, 2009

    Coming Through The Window...

    ****UPDATE***** Since I posted this my Handsome had his Monday appointment with his HAB worker J. He worked on playing with his playdough with him and making animals and then of course went to the playground.

    When they returned 1 hour later (thats typical) his HAB worker was floored. He told me " Your right, he is making so much progress" "Everytime I see him in the past month he is gaining more and more skills."

    Now, here is what he said that blew me away " He did fantastic at the park, he played with the boys and girls, and I didn't have  to help him play with them, I just sat there and supervised him to make sure he was okay!"

    Typically he would have to help him interact with the kids, and even then he would look kinda awkward while playing with them, as he really didn't know how to play appropriatly. But not today :)!!! And He commented on how much weight he has lost!!!

    Oh this Momma is brimming from ear to ear with Pride for my Handsome!!!! YIPPPEEEE~!!!!!
    Its amazing the progress handsome has made, you wouldn't even recognize him sometimes....he's such a different kid alot of the time now, he just comes up to me and says totally age appropriate things !

    Where in the heck did that come from? Is usually the response in my head :) He has never ever done things like this before!!!

    For instance I said to him when he was walking down the hall out of the living room" Are you going in the bathroom to go pee again?" and He says " No Mommy I'm closing the door"!! And sure enough, thats what he did and came right back into the living room.

    WHAT?!?! Wait a second.....He answered me with more than just NO Mommy! He told me no, and what he was actually going to do and then....DID IT !!!

    Then when his HAB worker Ashley came over, He ran up to her and told her " Look A, I lost my tooth"

    HUH!?!?! Who is this kid!!! Not only can you see a change in him verbally, emotionally but also physically...see the picture, look how he doesn't have the HUGE circles under his eyes anymore! they are very small now and almost gone :) His tummy isn't bloated and hurting 24/7 anymore!

    Its amazing to see because for the first time, in 5 years I am beginning to see really, who my Handsome is :) and it brings me to tears.

    He's coming through, slowly but surely, he is coming through the window we call Autism.... and I can't tell you how grateful I am to have been able to get him all the treatments he needed to get him this far! Thank you to all my friends, family and lenders at Lend4Health. With out you this would not be happening!

    So, stay tuned Friends! Its never a dull moment here, and I'm looking forward to many more!

    Much Love,


    Amy said...

    Just in tears reading this, LIs! I am celebrating with you, my friend! Such wonderrful wonderful news!

    Thankyou Jesus for healing!

    Trennia said...

    That is so awesome!

    Foursons said...

    I am so happy for you and Handsome. Miracles are happening before your very eyes on a daily basis! PTL!

    Mama Kat said...

    Such exciting news!! Congratulations!

    Matthias through autism 2006 till today

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