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    Friday, January 1, 2010


    I can hardly believe its 2010!!!!

    (First Christmas Eve He has ever smiled for me when I asked!)

    (Christmas Day playing with toys!)
    10 years ago I had no children and was moving to another state for the first time in my life.....

    I can't believe 10 years have gone by, where does all the time go?

    This time of year always brings a little sadness for me as I hate to see the Christmas season disappear around me. I love this time of year and can't wait each year for it to begin. I guess growing up in a big family we have always had LOTS of traditions and it always made this time of year special. Now that I have children it makes this time of year even more special for me.

    Today, on the first day of the New Year as I look ahead to try and glimpse at our future, I am praying for so many wonderful things to happen for my children and I. God has truelly blessed us this year, with all of our friends and family. I can't begin to tell you all how wonderful it has been to have your support during the last 5 years especially.

    Handsome continues, to make progress but at this time, is having some difficulty :(... and so it goes on the roller coaster of Autism. I am still, even after three years, learning how to recover from the ups and downs of autism. BUT, I am looking forward to getting him back in to see his DAN! doctor in just a few weeks for me chelation/glutathion..

    Littleman is trucking along with the rest of us and is progressing just as he should be :) NO delays and talking up a storm! It brings me such joy to know he is developing just as he should be :) This Christmas it has been so much fun to see him enjoy all the wonderful memories. HE LOVES Frosty the Snowman and loves to sing, Frosty and Feliz Navidad :) TO CUTE! I'm posting the video of him singing on this blog later so please come back and take a moment to see it :)

    To all of my readers, friends and family.... Thank you! So much for all you have done for my family this year! We love you so much and are praying you have a blessed and prosperous New year!

    Much Love,

    1 comment:

    Crystal said...

    My, how 10 years can change things. :)

    Matthias through autism 2006 till today

    With this video

    Press play first, then press pause, and let it load for a few moments, otherwise the video will stop to load it alot when your watching it.

    This song speaks so much to me,to know the trials I have gone through are not .. Unredeemed by Selah

    Matthias Road to Recovery - This is what Faith can do! .