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    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Our Ticket OFF

    The autism train................ I can't wait till we get to buy that ticket!!! I'm praying every day that soon that day will be here...

    He is making good progress even with all the stimming going on! Lots of clear sentences and get this ............

    His teacher called me today and the past 2 weeks he has gone through his reading lessons so fast, he is on book 8 and is reading books that have sentences like this " We play at the park" " Do you like to play at the park?" It made my heart leap for joy when his teacher told me that tonight!!! Of course yes I started crying, remember, they said he may never talk, let alone READ!!!!!!

    So again, I will take the annoying stimming going on, keep going Matthias :O)

    I can almost hear the sound of the train wheels slowing down, and the voice of the conductor telling us our trip is over, its time to get off the train.......... It will be music to my ears!!!!

    Praying that day will be here soon, you deserve it so much son!

    We LOVE YOU and are so proud of you!

    Much love,

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