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    Saturday, June 6, 2009

    One of THOSE days

    Every have those days, where your son/daughter just stims verbally all day long!!!! Most days it doesn't even bother me, its like back ground noise, but today.... well my nerves are shot :( See the picture of my handsome covering his ears? Thats what momma wants to do today.....

    I have timed exactly how long he has been doing this and as of right now, since I have been home from the grocery store he has been saying " ya ba da ba da ba da ba, ya ba da ba da ba da ba, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby(to the tune of jingle bells" In a high pitch voice for the past 30 minutes. There will be momentary breaks in this madness but only for about 5 minutes and those consist of echolalia also :) Mostly " Hey do you know where the green aligator plays?" or "Thats Elmos World!!!!" or "Dorthys babysitting" over and over again ... Fun stuff.

    NORMALLY I do not let this go on, but mommy is trying to get the house in order from unpacking groceries with Grani and taking a moments break for some sanity.

    Oh the joys of autism.. sometimes I just wish I could wrap the autism(not my child) up in a package address it to the CDC and send it on its destructive way back where it came from!!!!

    My mom said he has been doing this all day since I left on my grocery shopping excursion, better known as Saturdays for Lisa :)..... Speaking of Saturdays, this day is whinding down and I need to get going....

    Time to make dinner, Time to make dinner, Time to make dinner, Time to make dinner,

    Hold on a second Is echolalia catchy :) LOL just teasin :) Gotta have a little fun with it :) This way I don't loose my last marble :)

    Much Love,


    The Dickson Family said...

    Hang in there, Lisa. Thinking about you!! :-)


    streetsmart said...

    hi, first time here in your blog! Nice site you have here. your boys are quite handsome, and I commend you for being such a patient and loving mother despite the condition of one of your children.

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