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    Tuesday, June 30, 2009

    UP and down..........................

    and UP UP UP UP and down down down down down.... You get the jest of where I am going with that right :)

    Seems as if this is one of 'THOSE' weeks again :( My poor Handsome.... I love him so much and its so hard as a Mom to see him struggle.....

    He makes so much progress and then out of the blue we are going down again... If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you probably know what I am talking about. But for those who don't, let me explain a little.

    Handsome is waking up every night at 2am/3am (depending on the day) and not going back to sleep :(. This makes for a very tired Handsome by the time he needs to be leaving to go to his therapy session or HAB work. Needless to say we have not had therapy this week, and HAB session today was HARD. He also has been stimming uncontrollably all day even when we are being 'productive'. I know alot of this stimming comes from his schedule change because school is out until August, but I'm not sure what else to do...

    We seem to go through these routines of sleeping/not sleeping/sleeping/not sleeping and I can't seem to get him out of it. To be honest, I'm not sure what else to do since I have tried everything that has been suggested to me. The one road I haven't tried yet is Melatonin... why? you may ask... Well several times I was talking to some other moms of children with autism and their kiddos had awful side effects from it, like night terrors. So since then I have pushed it to the side till he was older. So I've decided when we go to see his new DAN doctor (which makes me extremely happy) I am going to talk with her about it more.

    As far as the excessive stimming goes, I would greatly appreciate some input until we get to our apt in July. Even though I have been at this now for 4 years, I'm still a newbee and cherish the Mommy's I have met out there who have been at this for many more years than I have.

    Well here's to a great day tomorrow!

    Much Love,


    Foursons said...

    First, thanks for reading my blog daily! Wow!

    I have not been doing the autism much longer than you and my son is not as severe as yours. But, I have found an all-natural supplement that stops my son's stimming, chanting, ADHD tendancies, calms his frustrations (which in turn stops the meltdowns), and overall makes him more comfortable.

    Fish Oil. I call it the wonder drug. We talk about it at every single ARD and I have not so jokingly told the principal that they need to pipe it into the water system and make every kid take a drink first thing in the morning. It REALLY works.

    You can buy children's dosages at health food store. If unable to find children's fish oil I would ask your doctor what a safe dosage would be of adult fish oil to give him. I have been giving my son 1 adult fish oil pill for the last 6 months without any problems. He weighs 60 lbs. (The adult dosage is 2 pills.)

    I highly recommend researching the effects and benefits of fish oil before you make the decision. But I swear by the stuff and my mother will give it to him when he is over at her house if I have forgotten to do so. He is a DIFFERENT child on fish oil.

    Good luck, and let me know if you decide to try it.

    Foursons said...

    I was buying the expensive brand for the children's dosage from the health food store. Now I just give him Nature Made Omega 3 which we bought at Walgreens when they had a special of buy 1 get 1 free. They are HUGE bottles. He only takes 1 in the morning and that's it. But Asperger's doesn't have as many severe behaviors as the other end of the autism spectrum does. So maybe 1 in the morning and 1 at night could work? But again, I'd talk to the doctor. There are some REALLY bad side effects if you overdose on it. (Including death.)

    Anonymous said...

    For my son, getting his yeast levels down helps him to stim less. But every child is different, and you may already be treating Handsome's yeast. We use proboulardi from Metagenics www.metagenics.com. I think a Doctor is needed to get their order # and then you order off of that. Not sure though. When treating that way, we up the probiotics. We use 4 probulardi a day and 3 probiotics. If you need more details, let me know. My son still stims on the cod liver oil and yeast supplements, but he does less. It's hard to find out all our kids formulas!

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