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    Monday, July 6, 2009

    The Lining of the toys

    Just wanted to post some pictures I took last night :) Gotta love autism :) lol

    The first to be lined up, Ice Age Three characters :)

    Then he decided to include his farm animals in it too :) See how they are all nicely grouped together :)

    Then it was bowling pins :)

    Its so curious to me because when he was first diagnosed, this was NOT one of things Handsome did. In fact he never lined up toys until he was around 4 years old! I find it interesting how the older that he gets the more "traits" he has aquired....hmmm makes you wonder sometimes... either way I try and take a picture when ever he does this or anything else, not sure why I do it, but I just do :).
    He also lined up a group of balls too, but Littleman kept going after them and we couldn't get a pic of it :)

    Much Love,

    1 comment:

    Foursons said...

    He'll also leave some characteristics behind as he ages.

    Jakob loves to line things up "just so" and has never let that one go. Boy oh boy the meltdowns that can ensue if little brother messes with him!

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