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    Sunday, July 5, 2009

    Our Weekend :)

    First as you probably have noticed, my new layout is all done :) What do you think? I like it alot :) and I worked pretty darn hard on it too! Now on to better subjects :)

    Well Littleman is back home and I have to say I have missed him dearly! It was so cute once we got home all he wanted to do was cuddle and be loved on by me :) Melts the Mommas heart!

    Well yesterday I have to tell you, Handsome did so well!! Not that I am shocked but I am never quit sure exactly if he will be okay being around people he doesn't know or not. But he was GREAT!

    The only thing that he had a problem with was my sisters lizard... yet all the way to her house that is ALL he talked about. " Mommy I go see the lizard". Once we get there he literally was petrified and wouldn't budge past the wall into the area where we had to walk to go outside to go swimming. He wouldn't even go in that room to see his Uncle Jeff! Once the lizard was covered (thanx Uncle Jeff :) ) he would go into the room but was still hesitant and would peer around the corner to see if it was there or not :) LOL....

    At first I didn't know what to think about it, and we tried to coax him to see the lizard later on that day. He desperatly was in a war with himself over it. He wanted to see the lizard but was petrified to do it.

    Then later today when I was talking to my friend Becky, she reminded me of something... Thats actually a great thing for Handsome. He has never shown real 'fear' of something before in his life, and now he has :) Thanks for that little reminder Beck :)

    Well all in all :) we had a great weekend and so did Littleman visiting his daddy :).

    Now on to the busy week ahead, only 9 more days until Handsome goes to see his new DAN doctor !

    Have agreat week!

    Much Love,


    Amy said...

    Yay for Matthias! So wonderful that he did so good!

    Love love all that you have done, Lis! I was JUST thinking that I am ready to start tweeking mine again..lol!

    Love you!


    Anonymous said...

    LOL. I can see the whole scenario play out.
    My son Ben is 4, and also autistic. It's interesting to watch them change. for him it's dogs. At first, Ben never acknowledged a dog was around. He'd look right thru it. at 3 1/2 he started to take interest. He'd look, and the war you speak of, he'd want to pet it, was afraid, and then would side up to it, with his eyes closed, and pet the dog. Yeah Ben!. Now (with eyes shut) he runs up to dogs, and attempts to ride them. (no matter if it's a mastiff, or a chiuacha...I pretty much stick to sneakers when we're out! LOL

    Matthias through autism 2006 till today

    With this video

    Press play first, then press pause, and let it load for a few moments, otherwise the video will stop to load it alot when your watching it.

    This song speaks so much to me,to know the trials I have gone through are not .. Unredeemed by Selah

    Matthias Road to Recovery - This is what Faith can do! .