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    Monday, September 28, 2009

    Where did this little boy come from?!?!?!

    Today we had some pretty exciting progress for Handsome!!! Today one of his favorite HAB workers came over to work with him, and on their way home from the playground, his HAB worker turned his head for just a moment and Handsome walked up to someone in our complex who was walking a dog and get this..... He ASKED THEM if he could pet their dog!!!!!! They of course said yes :)

    WHAT??? Wait a second this is the child who just runs up to animals on leashes and just pets them regardless of what the owner would say.... He actually asked permission before he touched the dog!!!!

    Then my little Handsome didn't stop at amazing his Momma with that! Next....

    At dinner while he was sitting getting ready to eat his food, he noticed we were eating rice. I have offered it to him over an over again for the past 3 years. I have at times gotten him to taste it but normally he will gag on it and spit it out.

    Well tonight, he turned to me and said " Mommy, can I have some rice? momma " Of course sweetie, heres a little to try", he at first said no, but took it and tasted it and said " MMM Thats good" and asked for more.

    In FACT he asked for 4 MORE SPOONFULS!!!! I of course encouraged him to eat as much as he liked :)

    These things are HUGE for my handsome... He has gone from only eating chicken nugeets and fries, to eating TONS of other foods in one year! And now we can add one more!!! To think of where my son has come from in over a 3 year period is amazing. From no speech at all, to constantly talking :) from no social interaction, to asking a little boy to be his friend!

    This little Momma is just brimming from ear to ear with Pride for my Handsome!!!

    Can't wait to see the continued progress we see weekly!

    Thank you everone for all your prayers and to our Lenders at Lend4Health! With out you this would NOT have been possible!

    Mucho Love!


    KT said...

    Wow! Those are some more great milestones! So happy for you and your family. :0)


    Foursons said...

    Yea! So happy for you and Handsome! How much weight has he lost, it's really noticable!

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