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    Tuesday, April 13, 2010

    The REAL story!

    As many of you know, Dr. Wakefield has been smacked in the face over the last year in the UK media as well as our biased media here in the US. A few days ago, he finally was able to sit down and set the WHOLE record straight on what actually happened in his case. This is the whole story unlike what you may have seen with Matt Lauer...... I am going to attach all the links for his interview with Dr. Mercola on April 8th. He talks about what really happened in his case studies and also speaks about vaccinations.

    Please, if you have ever had any question about what this honorable man has done... take a moment and listen to the truth about his story! He has NEVER been apposed to vaccinations.... he has taken a hit for our children with autism.... He is a honorable and loved Doctor in the Autism community. I hope you will take some time and listen to all the links...There are 10 in order from top to bottom.... I know there are alot, but stop and listen and maybe if you don't understand why I have done what I have with both my sons, maybe you will now :)


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