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    Friday, October 29, 2010

    HOLY .....

    Pierre You ROCK!!!!!

    I really wasn't expecting to see anything over night, but seriously...had the calmest morning in a very, very long time with Handsome... He also seemed much more focused this morning... No crying about leaving the house to get on the bus.... no asking the same question over and over again before leaving the house... His Grannie asked him to go and get his thermos and he turned right away to go upstairs and get it!!! We didn't have to repeat ourselves or make him repeat the instruction we just gave to him.... His teacher said he had a great day, no meltdowns at all and NO pushing :)

    Tonight, again, very calm........ normally if we ask him to do something he would scream and we would have to ask again and then he would do it, but tonight for example... I told him " Its time to go and take a shower, log off of the computer" He didn't even protest, logged off and walked right upstairs!!! WTH??? Also, he SAT STILL all through dinner! Really after the first day????

    Also tonight, he was desperately searching for one of his safari animals and couldn't find it, and said " Mom, I can't find him anywhere?" Normally, he would have been crying and really frustrated about not finding it, but right now he is sitting calmly and watching Sponge Bob..

    Honestly I was NOT expecting any kind of change after the first day of giving him his remedy... but, I know I"m not imagining it :)... So from now on I will be writing down all the progress or digressions we see, that way we can really see what is going on :).

    Thanks everyone for praying :) Please continue to pray for him, I'm going into this with an open mind and we're ready for some serious progress no matter what :)

    Much Love,


    BEE said...

    what is he taking that is working

    just wondering i alwayslike to find new natural ways to help my son as well

    totaljesusgirl said...

    I was extremely blessed to hear this wonderful update..though I don't know you all..i Have been following your blog for awhile... So excited to hear the new work of God in handsomes life :)

    Lisa said...

    @ Bee I had an appt with a homeopath and they prescribe a remedy specifically for the child. You may want to think about going to see one, I am still seeing GREAT improvements with my son :)

    @totaljesusgirl :) thank you so much for following my blog :) Please continue to follow our journey and pray for my son :) I'm so excited to see what God is doing in our lives :)

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