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    Friday, April 3, 2009

    The NEW Journey begins :)

    TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!

    Today marks the day of the beginning of Bio Medical treatment! It's a New Journey in Matthias' life; a journey of recovery! We received Methyl B12 shots, TMG supplement and AlphKeto Gluteric Acid( supplement for his high ammonia levels) in the mail today (thanks to a wonderful couple who shall remain nameless :)) we were able to start his first dose of treatments today.

    I truly believe that with the Lords help, and lots of bio-medical treatment and continuing his SPT,OT, PT, and Music Therapy Matthias is going to make even greater gains in his recovery this coming year.

    Matthias received his first Methyl-B12 shot today, my beautiful sister Dawn came over and showed me how to give him his shot. Lucky for me I get to use a Insulin needle :) so after a few trials on an Orange :) and MUCH encouragement from my sister and my momma we went in for the plunge (tee he he). I spoke with Matthias and told him I was giving him medicine just like I do for his eczema on his bottom and he laid down on his belly on the floor, I pulled his pull up down a little and in and out it was done... just like that :). Right away I quickly rewarded him with a Kung Fu Panda sticker for the window and praised him tremendously and he did GREAT!!!! He was so proud of himself and went back into the living room and said to me " Mommy I get medicine again and pulled his pull up down a little :) LOL to cute!!!

    I am so surprised that it went so smoothly, yet.... when I think of it more, I'm not really that surprised..that's just how God works :). Here I was stressing about how and when to give it to him, and without even having to wait for him to go to sleep we got it done quickly and effortless!

    So, starting today I am going to be keeping track of how his behaviors, speech and communication and attention span are affected. Please continue to pray that these will make an impact on his life.....

    I'm looking forward to posting more great things about Matthias' recovery in the next year!

    Much Love


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