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    Thursday, May 21, 2009

    On again.........

    So remember when I talked to you all about how walking through autism is like being on a roller coaster.............. well just yesterday I started to feel like we could step off of the ride for awhile and enjoy stable ground......

    I spoke to soon :(.........

    This morning Matthias woke up in a good mood (he is rarely ever in a bad mood when he is sick, that's why its so hard for me to notice when he is sick) turned the light on in his room and he turns toward me and I notice his little cheek is all red. This is never a good sign for my son, it usually means one of two things

    1. Ear infection or
    2. Another Molar is coming in

    Even though his cheek was a little red, I still sent him to school....as today and tomorrow are his last days....I gave him some ibuprofen put him on the bus to school and went to work. About an hour later, I got a call from his teacher. His cheek was now swollen and hot to the touch....I'm thinking "Oh dang it! I knew this was gonna happen" So I called the doctor and got him in today at 2pm.

    Lets remember, Matthias always gets very anxious when going to any doctors office or hospital. So I was not looking forward to this trip only because I feel so bad for him cause he gets so anxious. Its so painful as a mom to see your child's face, and you can literally see the anxiety all over it. After several minutes of me telling Matthias over and over and over again.... FIRST we are going to see the doctor, THEN we are going home.....

    They finally get us and thankfully his doctor came right in. He could barely even get a look in his ear(not uncommon) because Matthias is a strong boy and I can barely hold him still to get his heart listened too. He tells me he has a ton of wax in his ears and an infection and he thinks a sinus infection because of the swelling and his constant mention of mommy my eye hurts.

    He prescribes him, you guessed it, antibiotics, numbing drops for his ear and also suggest a ear wax removal kit( I laughed under my breath about that one, only cause there is no way in heck that is gonna happen :) )

    I reluctantly gave him the antibiotics this evening and gladly gave him some ibuprofen. I only say reluctantly because it took us 3 MONTHS to recover his tummy from the last dose of them :(

    Please pray that they just do their job and get ride of the infection and leave the good bacteria alone :) I will be giving him LARGE doses of probiotics to hopefully counter act whats going on during this time.

    So unfortunately it seems that we are back on the roller coaster again. But this time I am hoping for the kiddie ride like the "Tea Cups" at Disney instead of "The Colossus" at Magic Mountain.....

    One cheer for the "Tea Cups" :)!!!

    Much Love,


    Amy said...

    Ah, Lis... I am so sorry! CAn you give him acidopholus while he is on the antibiodics??

    Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

    Here's hoping for the tea cups! =)

    Tori said...

    FYI I have heard from another mom that ear wax can be a sign of food intolerance. Just something to consider...

    Tori :)

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