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    Friday, July 17, 2009

    I would never have guessed it!

    Well, after another sleepless night I decided to take Gabriel to the ER this morning. I just did not think his doctors diagnosis yesterday was correct. How could a virus be reeking this much havoc on my littleman.

    So early this morning we went to the pediatric ER in our city. We didn't have to wait to long to get back and when the doctor came in she was great. Asked all kinds of questions and then told me they would need to draw blood and do a flu swab and strep swab. Immediatly I knew that was NOT going to go over well with Littleman.

    The nurse came back with someone else to help her, and they had to wrap poor Littleman in a sheet to keep his arms down (pretty standard stuff). After ALOT of fighting and crying they got it all done and put in an IV. I thought well good, they will figure out what the heck is going on and give us something to help himsleep and send us on our way.

    Once they left I had her turn the lights out and he napped for 1 1/2hours :) then the doctor came in. She came in and sat down and said well, his flu swab came back positive....... WHAT? Really? She said yes and then proceeded to tell me this " The only problem is, its not flu season anymore, that he probably has swine flu" HUH... are you serious!!!!

    Yes friends, you read that correctly....SWINE Flu...... She then says "The only problem is we can not test him for swine flu because our state has certain qualifications for it and one of them is being admitted to the hospital and he is not that sick thank goodness, but we are still treating him for it."

    WOW No way in a million years did I think they were going to tell me he has the swine flu.

    So after a round of fluids, we are home and have taken our first dose of TamaFlu. He is still very cranky and mostly wants to be held. Night time is the worst, so keep us in your thoughts tonight.

    Please pray for my little swine flu baby, lol sorry gotta try and find some humor in it :)

    Here's praying for a fast recovery!

    Much Love,


    Foursons said...

    Yikes! Hope he gets feeling better fast and that no one else catches it!

    navywifeandmom said...

    He's not oinking like a pig is he?

    Yes, I know, bad joke, when I hear the word "swine flu" the first thing I think is someone coughing and oinking.

    "I (cough, cough) think (cough oink) I've cought the (snort, snort, cough) swine flu!" LOL!

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