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    Tuesday, July 14, 2009


    Is the big day (again) :)....

    As you all know not shortly after I was able to take Handsome to his first DAN doctor appointment, the Doctor moved his practice to California. I was so disappointed as I had prayed to we could get the money to go to this appointment and God provided it, and then wham the door was shut :(... So I thought well, I will just pray that we can get Handsome to the other DAN doctor that was also my choice of doctors to take him too (only reason we didn't go there was because the other office was closer).

    So a few weeks ago I went to the mailbox and saw a wonderful site :).... Handsome application for a grant from ACT Today AZ was approved and they would be sending a check to our DAN doctors office for the amount of the initial office visit.


    So fast forward today :) After collecting all of his records for the visit tomorrow, we are ready! Including Mommy :) I have my list of questions for the doctor as well and can't wait to talk with her. I already have meet her on several occasions as she attends my monthly T.A.C.A meetings so I am glad that I already have a feel for how she does things. Momma has LOTS of questions about his previous lab work :)

    Well, I need to finish up some laundry and get myself to bed. Pray that Handsome tolerates the office visit well, as he usually has severe anxiety and cries alot when we go. Pray that he will have a good day tomorrow so Mommy will be able to talk to the doctor and use up our whole 2 hour visit.

    I will post with more tomorrow :)

    Much Love,


    Anonymous said...

    Good luck, I hope everything works in your favor.

    Foursons said...

    Good luck, waiting for the update!

    Amy said...

    Cannot wait to hear all about it, Lis!



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