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    Wednesday, April 22, 2009

    Our children are getting BETTER!!!!!

    Below is a letter that was written by a lovely lady on my autism email group who is an occupational therapist and a DAN Mom :) I wanted to share what she wrote and gave out to her clients to educate them on autism during this month of autism awareness. Please take a few minutes and read it.

    Much Love,

    APRIL is Autism Awareness month. So, if I may, in honor of this, I would like to share a few things with you.
    First, let me say... THERE IS HOPE in treating, healing, and preventing Autism!
    Because of this, there are many parents who are pulling their child OUT of the window of Autism. There are thousands in the Autism community whose child is getting better, some improving so much, they are actually LOSING their diagnosis. They are fully RECOVERED and have absolutely NO signs of Autism. THIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN A MIRACLE.
    I know Autism specialists who have actually sat down with the American Academy of Pediatrics and have asked them, "why are you not sitting down with our doctors and our scientists who are treating and recovering our children with Autism?" To this day, they refuse to sit down with us! The fact is, the AAP is not even considering this is a fact that children ARE recovering from Autism. Not only is the AAP considering this is FACT, they are discouraging this kind of discussion.
    We are not saying "Don't Vaccinate". Let's go back to the 1989 Vaccination Schedule when shots were only ten and the MMR was on that list. I don't know what happened in 1990, there was no plague that was killing children that we needed to TRIPLE the amount of vaccines. Let's be smart.
    Autism is treatable and preventable.
    The vaccine schedule is too bloated right now - there are 36 shots on the schedule. This is twice as many in 30 countries in the western world. The USA gives twice as many shots than any of those countries. WHY is that?
    So, what is a parent to do? Space out the vaccines, delay them until after one year old, clean out the toxins that are in the vaccines. Parents need to be empowered and need to educate themselves in regard to vaccinations and their child's immune system. Did you know our gut makes up 80% of our immune system? We need to look at WHAT is going in the gut, into the bloodstream?
    Why would a doctor not want to know more about something that could save a life or could prevent a disease?
    * The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is financed by the drug companies. Medical schools are financed by the drug companies. This is a HUGE business. Vaccines are the largest growing division of the pharmaceudical industry. There is a 13 BILLION dollar profit made from this buisness. They control medical schools. These doctors are not learning about PREVENTION, diet, supplementation, vitamins.
    Generally speaking, as a precautionary measure, certain medications are removed from the shelf because they are deemed unsafe. Why not vaccines?

    Looking at the schedule, the MMR shot is given after they get 23 other vaccines BEFORE their first MMR. For argument's sake, let's just say that the MMR does not cause Autism is like having a plane crash, suspecting mechanical failure, looking at ONE wing, saying that one wing is safe; therefore, the whole plane is safe. THAT is madness.

    Rates of Autism is MUCH lower in other countries - Sweden, Norway, Finland.... use their schedule. Their Autism rates are ONE tenth of our's in the USA. These countries only have ten vaccines on their schedule, with the MMR included.
    Why is Measles and Mumps on the rise in the USA? People are panicking about this one vaccine and not looking at the ENTIRE schedule. They do not know what their child's immune system can and cannot handle. The MMR is a necessary vaccine to be given to protect our child on the schedule containing just ten vaccines (from 1989). However, the MMR seems to be the "tipping point" in our child's "environmental bucket" that once they've had the 23 other vaccines, the MMR pushes their toxic load over the edge... into Autism. I know because that is when I lost Ben. After that shot, the life was gone from his eyes. His blood work proves he did not excrete the harmful ingredients in the vaccines: ether, aluminum, copper, and arsenic. Ben has damage to his mitochondria and has encephalitis (brain inflammation) .
    But you know what? BEN IS GETTING BETTER! Why? Because of the GF/CF diet, vitamins, minerals, supplements, Methyl B12 injections, antioxidants, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Glutathione Ivs.... HEALING THE GUT... HEALING THE BRAIN. This is why he is getting better, why he can focus and participate with ABA, OT, and Speech. This is why he is able to learn with his AWESOME team of therapists and his family. He feels better. The fog is lifting from his brain and his gut is healing.

    What should doctors/pediatricia ns tell us?

    Tell us to give vitamins and minerals, cod liver oil to our children. Tell us to have our child's immune system tested to see if their central nervous systems are in fact healthy. Take a child who is not sleeping the whole night, he is constipated or has chronic diarrhea... WHY are they not LOOKING AT THE GUT? They don't. Instead, they are endorsing the rotavirus vaccine which is supposed to fight off diarrhea or bowel problems in children.

    Why don't they fix the problem? This is NOT the pediatricians fault. They are not being taught HOW to care for our children! They do care about our children but sadly they do not know what to do; therefore, most (not all) do not want our kids in their care.

    In the Journal of Pediatrics there is an article written called, "Autism, Medical Home - A Physician's Survey" which shows that doctors do not want to take care of children with Autism. Sadly, this survey shows that MOST pediatricians do not want children with Autism in their clinics because they do not know HOW to help them. On the first page of this journal is a full page advertisement for the Rotavirus. Two of 30 countries in the first world, took this vaccine besides us. The patent holder for this vaccine is ON THE COMMITTEE to choose the vaccine for children.

    Many say Autism is genetic. Of all the millions of dollars spent on genetic causes accounts for only less than ONE PERCENT. That means the other 99 %... if you are not born with it, then it is being triggered by something in the environment.

    Bottom Line: We know with conviction that Vaccines do cause brain injury. It is on the Health and Human Services website. We are looking for what has caused this EPIDEMIC (The incidence of Autism is more than cancer, diabetes, and Aids combined). We just need others to be educated and we need JUSTICE to be done.

    Autism is devastating for families. Day to day we see our children getting better and that is the most painful part of this journey. We know there is hope and a WAY for them to heal, improve, and for many children... RECOVER.

    I hope this has enlightened you for Autism Awareness month. These children are here for a reason. God put them here to teach us HOW to lead healthier lives. He put them here to teach us the simplicity of things, to be content, to be gentle, to not be greedy, to love, to honor, to respect, to be kind, to love unconditionally, to clean up our minds, our tummies, and our hearts. These children are closer to God than we are and we can learn so much from them - if we just listen

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