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    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    oh boy....

    Today was an interesting day... I never thought I would say this but.... I wish I could get Handsome to poop.... after 6 day son diflucan he is having LOTS of yeast die off, but its not coming out because he is pooping but not enough to get ride of it all. Anyway, we have increased his vitamin c intake per his DAN doctor and will do so until we have poop.

    Swine flu baby is doing oh so much better, not a trace of it left. He is getting into LOTS and LOTS of trouble all day long. LOL its funny because I am not use to having a typical kid :)... I was so accustomed to my child just sitting quietly watching TV or playing by themself, of course at that time I had NO idea this was not typical. NOW I do :) but its comforting in the same sense to know that Littleman is oh so typical.

    I did get to spend LOTS of time by myself with my boys for once. It was nice, seeing as I live in a house of 6 and I rarely ever get the house to myself with my boys. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, its just nice to bealbe to sit with my boys and be our own family for awhile.

    Heres praying we see some major pooping happening for Handsome :) lol

    Much Love,

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