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    Thursday, July 23, 2009


    Well today is day 4 on the diflucan, and boy oh boy can you tell he is going through what they call 'Yeast Die off" To put a very long story short, today was a hard day. He didn't listen to anyone most of the day, he is CONSTANTLY putting his hands, fingers in his mouth all day/night long, stimming/shaking his hands or feet all day, crying for no reason, screaming for no reason and then tonight, when I told him it was time to go take a shower.. he proceeded to throw the biggest crying meltdown he has ever had. I haven't seen one like this since he was very young, it lasted for 20 minutes!

    There is nothing harder for a momma, when your child is crying for some apparent reason, and you can not get them to calm down. I tried everything, and finally after he showered I got him in my room to dry off and get dressed and I laid him next to me on the bed and held him and he calmed down. I had tried that minutes before with NO success, but for what ever reason it worked then. Just like that, the tears were gone and he was talking about reading a book and watching the pajanimals.

    Poor Handsome, he tells me each night.. Mommy, my tummy hurts. I'm sure it does but trust me baby it will feel better soon! FIVE years of yeast overgrowth and finally we are getting him help :) Thank you Jesus, for giving us the generous lenders on lend4health. I seriously can not speak highly enough about Tori and the wonderful lenders.

    Well, its been a long day. Time for me to wrap things up and get to bed, trying to be good about that lately and get to bed not long after the boys do.

    Here's to another day of progress! Keep praying for my Handsome :) And Littleman is so much better :) You'd never guess he had swine flu.

    Much Love,


    Liz said...

    I am so glad your handsome was able to calm down and let you love on him...It is so hard when we have to let our kids experience things that we know are good for them and will help them, kinda like when we have to clean a cut so it won't get infected...you know it must be done so it can heal.

    Sometimes God uses those kinds of things in our lives...we go through rough times because he knows that it will cause us to deepen our faith, strengthen our perseverence and "clean out" the things in our hearts that need to go!

    Good thing He promises Joy for our mourning...can't wait for you to have that Joy!

    Love to you, mommy to mommy!


    Anonymous said...

    Poor guy! Do you use charcoal for the yeast die off? I think I might need to get some today for my son, as he started stimming more yesterday!

    Foursons said...

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the charcoal! I never used it, but my cousin does. That may help!

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